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New Web Designer

Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 | 0 comment(s)
Until version 21, we used browser specific plug-ins or ActiveX controls in order to display the Designer right in the browser. However, browser vendors are more and more restrictive and begin to ban plugins from their browsers altogether. Thus, it was time for a new technology.

Enter the brand new web designer. This is a minimum dependency, quickly installing Windows application that – once installed on the client – automatically talks to your ASP.NET WebForms or MVC application. It employs our new RemoteDataProvider, a tunnel for any existing data source that's accessible on the server. The provider serves as a proxy, giving you the design time experience you're used to from the client. This also includes a live preview in the web designer, using the data from the server.

If the user clicks on a design link from your application, the Web Designer is opened:

New feature of version 21During the short startup phase, the project file and data structure is transferred to the client. After that, the Designer is opened as usual:

New feature of version 21

If you still require the browser plugins, we ship them as part of LL21 as well. The new control even has a compatibility switch that allows to switch between the two modes with minimum impact on your code.


Author: Jochen Bartlau
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