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Consolidating Syntax Errors in One Tool Window

Posted: Wednesday, September 16, 2015 | 0 comment(s)
One of the most frequently requested features via our feedback portal and a feature we were thinking of for quite a while. Before, if a project contained syntax errors (e.g. it had typos or you renamed a field in the data source) you got a massive dialog containing the source of the error, however no easy way to fix it from there. Additionally, this dialog popped up for each and every error so most of you will probably just have clicked the "OK for all" button and started to investigate manually. This was a time consuming, tedious task which often ended up in opening and closing the designer until all errors were fixed.

In LL21 we now have a central place to store these errors. The error window is opened up automatically if any errors were detected during project load:

New feature of version 21

It lists the encountered errors alongside with a tree that guides to the problematic property/object. A double click on an error takes you to the best place to fix it – e.g. for errors in table fields, the table properties including a selection of the correct tab, line definition and field:

New feature of version 21

Errors in text paragraphs take you to the text object's properties etc. This makes fixing a broken project a breeze. In this sample we've just renamed the Item.Number column to Item.No. So simply changing to the correct field name fixes the error:

New feature of version 21

Afterwards, the error can be marked as fixed in the list – this helps when having to fix a multitude of errors.

New feature of version 21

Alternatively, the reload button triggers a complete reevaluation and builds the list from scratch again.

The double-click automatic works for all objects, user and sum variables, project parameters, layout and layer definition and any other place where you can enter a formula. A great productivity progress.

Author: Jochen Bartlau
Head of Development List & Label

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