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Query Assistant and Filtering in Report Server 3

Posted: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 | 2 comment(s)
Our combit devblog is always in motion. This time, Alexander Horak, Head of Development combit Report Server, takes the opportunity to present one of the great features of our awarded self service reporting solution. In his post he puts the focus on a new way of data filtering, that has been introduced with the release of version 3 a few weeks ago. 

When using SQL databases you basically have 3 ways to use your data source:

New feature of version 3

Selecting “Single Queries” you can now use the new Query Assistant to build your query without the need of  SQL knowledge.

New feature of version 3

This assistant enables you to select your table and the fields you would like to see in your result. After that you will be able to define a tree of conditions that pictures your queries WHERE clause.

New feature of version 3

You can change the operators that keep the tree items (groups of conditions) together and build up even complex queries.

New feature of version 22

New feature of version 3

If you love the power of SQL, you can directly enter your SQL code using all the features supported by your data source. You can check the correctness of your SQL query using a single button click.

New feature of version 3

The features mentioned before let you do some filtering directly in you data source, but combit Report Server can also apply filters when building your report.
You can find this feature in the Report Server Designer where table objects have a property to filter your data before creating the report. There you can define a filter condition using the formula language of combit List & Label.
The resulting condition will be translated to SQL when reading your data from your SQL data source.

New feature of version 3

Report parameters, which are used to interact with the user when creating your report, use this feature for filtering.

Author: Alexander Horak
Head of Development combit Report Server

For over 20 years Alexander Horak is engaged in software development and has already worked at combit during his computer science studies. Nowadays, he is Head of Development of the combit Report Server, an ASP.NET MVC based Enterprise Reporting solution. In his spare time he loves soccer and is an active supporter of FC Bayern Munich.


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