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Office 2013 Style for the Ribbon UI

Posted: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 | 0 comment(s)

The Ribbon interface has been adapted to Redmond's latest UI style. It now supports the Office 2013 flat icon style and thus blends nicely with modern applications. For those who really need it, we still ship the "old" interface in a sepatate resource file that can be used instead of the default.

A couple of screenshots will best tell the tale:




The new look is lightweight, friendly and modern. I often find myself thinking "uh, this looks old" whenever returning to List & Label 19 (or, worse, to pre-Ribbon List & Label 18) – you'll notice the difference immediately.
On a side note – did you know you can partly customize the colors of the ribbon by code? We have two undocumented options that enable you to change the background and text color in order to better match the look and feel of the reporting to your application. The options are:

and they can be used e.g. in .NET like:

private static int ColorToLLColor(Color color) 
   return color.R + (color.G << 8) + (color.B << 16);

private static void Design()
  using (ListLabel LL = new ListLabel())
   LL.Core.LlSetOption(215, ColorToLLColor(Color.DarkGray)); 
   LL.Core.LlSetOption(230, ColorToLLColor(Color.Black)); 

Author: Jochen Bartlau
Head of Development List & Label

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