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Text Selection and Copy to Clipboard for the Preview

Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2020 | 0 comment(s)
Creating preview files is all well and good. However, when you needed to access the texts within the preview for post processing, you had to resort to a text export, finding the relevant strings and copying them from there. In LL25, we added a powerful way to extract texts from a preview, directly from within the preview window.

Usage is straight forward, the preview's ribbon now supports a text selection mode:

Once activated, you can select texts in the preview by simply dragging the required selection rectangle:


The usual shortcut Ctrl+C (or a context menu) then copies the text to the clipboard for further processing in your favorite editor:


Note that you can either select single columns (or parts from single columns) or whole lines, tables or other objects - the new feature works on anything that ultimately produces horizontal texts that are not Glyphs.

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Author: Jochen Bartlau
Head of Development List & Label

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