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Service Pack 26.001 for List & Label and the Report Server

Posted: Monday, February 1, 2021 | 0 comment(s)
The first Service Pack for List & Label 26 has been released. What are the new features and improvements? In this blog post we give you an overview. Each entry was taken directly from the English Readme.

Service Pack 26.001

New Features


  • Added TLlPreviewControl to components for the FireDac package. Thanks to Thomas Iseli for the contribution.
  • Downward compatibility for Enum assignment in Delphi.
  • VCL FireDac component now supports 64bit C++ Builder applications.


  • LL_OPTION_NOFILEVERSIONUPGRADEWARNING can now also be used to suppress the message box that is triggered by a conversion from different expression mode.
  • The InMemoryDataProvider's AddRelation method now has an overload that allows to assign a name the relation. If the parameter is not used, the behavior is unchanged, using the parent and child table name for the relation.
  • The CsvDataProvider's stream constructor now supports the same default values as the file name constructor, making construction much easier for standard CSV streams.


  • Added URL hyperlinks to charts which will be supported in the viewer and pdf.


  • Added support for XRechnung to new PDF export. Set ZUGFeRD version to 2.1 and Conformance Level to "XRECHNUNG" in order to process an invoice as XRechnung. Sample for .NET: LL.ExportOptions.Add(LlExportOption.PdfZUGFeRDVersion, "2.1"); LL.ExportOptions.Add(LlExportOption.PdfZUGFeRDConformanceLevel, "XRECHNUNG"); LL.ExportOptions.Add(LlExportOption.PdfZUGFeRDXmlPath, "xrechnung.xml");
  • The <page> tag in the XML export now contains information on the page dimensions.

Report Server

  • Added options in advanced settings to change proxy settings that should be used for web-based data sources.
  • Salesforce datasource is available again.
  • WorkerService was ported to .NET Core and is now supported by the Report Server.



  • Internetmarke: Updated internal GUID to get the new price list since 01.01.2021.
  • Java/JNI: Updated main Java declaration files for LL and LS to new/missing const values/options based on C++ header files like LL_OPTIONSTR_EMBEDDED_EXPORTS etc.


  • Added SaveProjectInUtf8 to LlOption enumeration.
  • Added ImprovedTableLineAnchoring to LlOption enumeration.
  • If a TOC, IDX or GTC file did not exist at print time, the wrong error message could be displayed ("invalid job handle" instead of "file not found").
  • Added ImprovedTableLineAnchoring to LlOption enumeration.
  • The OData constructor now consumes an ICredentials interface instead of a NetworkCredential instance. This is the better matching type.


  • The CsvDataProvider now recognizes an undelimited, empty field correctly and thus is more fault tolerant. Example: "A",,"C" will now return three columns where the content of the second column is Null().
  • The DbCommandSetDataProvider now also supports fields with a "." in the field name. Previously, only the last part after the last "." was used for the field name.
  • In case of native support of expressions, the handling of BOOL fields is now improved to get rid of unnecessary nested comparisons.


  • Improved treeview performance for a huge number of variables.
  • HTML object: if bullets are used without the typical ol/ul code-style in html code, the bullets are lost while rendering.
  • In case the project wizard in the designer hangs, there's a registry setting that starts the project wizard in the same UI thread: "HKCU\software\combit\cmbtll\<appname>" "Designer.ProjectWizard.Threaded" [String] "F".
  • The RTF editor always does change the keyboard layout according to the current selection. This can now be switched off using LL_OPTION_RTFEDITOR_SUPPRESS_KEYBOARDAUTOSWITCH to 1.


  • Label printing: workaround for print loops that do not check LlPrint() for LL_WRN_REPEAT_DATA in case of label copies.
  • If the USER printer had a different USER format than the USER format in a project, the project's USER format is now added to the paper formats as "Default" and can be re-applied.
  • Printers that were defined using a formula were not editable in the print dialog. Now - if they are encapsulated in a "ChangeType(<formula>, "const") wrapper - they are editable again.
  • In case of label printers where the paper size is modified after a project was created, it was a problem detecting that the visible paper size (that the driver often passes the dimensions for in the paper name) is not the paper size stored in the project. Now the dimensions are shown in the layout editor to offer a hint what goes wrong in that case, also the original size is added das "Default" entry.


  • JSON Export now includes custom label information for each table since it might be different from the actual table name itself.
  • Input objects were thought to be able to hold small input data, they do not have formatting capabilities, limited word breaks and such. Due to some unknown reason inside Windows, when drawing longer text, these objects were painted a bit too large and possibly clipped (inconsistently, as rects were painted correctly, but not texts). Now the font is shrunk a bit so that the clipping does not happen anymore.
  • While exporting a preview file (*.ll) with option "PDF.PDFZUGFeRDXmlPath" was set it was also considered, if the preview file was later exported to the PDF format. But it fails (creating 0 KB file), because of the XML path does not exists at this time. Now a warning is displayed within the Debwin log and the PDF file will be created without ZUGFeRD options.

Report Server

  • Improved client error handling when the connection to the report server database cannot be established at runtime.
  • Improved handling of corrupted designer extension settings.
  • Selecting data sources with resulting bad access rights in a report template results in a warning indicating that some selected groups are invalid instead of removing them without the user's knowledge.
  • Access rights in a report template now only shows the available groups determined by the selected data sources.
  • The built-in administrator group is now automatically added to newly created data sources.
  • If the PostgreSQL dataprovider can't recognize the internal database type of a routine parameter, it will fallback the parameter type to text.
  • Disabling Rest API will now automatically disable OpenAPI specification.
  • Printers that don't have the port LPT, COM or USB are now also available if the port is not PORTPROMPT or FILE.
  • SMTP configuration now supports more encryption settings and implicit SSL via port 465.
  • When selecting "selected tables" in a sql datasource the selection list for the tables will be shown automatically if no tables selected.
  • Improved error handling on exceptions inside middlewares.
  • Implemented RestartApp into the SystemInfo page.
  • Improved client field validation on report template name.
  • Adjusted gap between comparative value fields in SQL assistant condition editor.
  • Field type icon in SQL assistant condition selection is now better visible when selected.


  • If an old LicensingInfo is passed, LL now displays a helpful message (again) that describes what to do to fix this.
  • The preview ribbon allows to temporarily select a slideshow transformation, if the project itself doesn't define one. Now, the transformation names in the dialog are localized with a user-friendly display name.

Download the new Service Pack 26.001 here.

Author: Daniel Kenner
Quality Assurance Manager

Daniel is responsible for quality assurance at combit. Besides QA, he is also involved in many other areas. He spends his free time with his family, playing video games and running.


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